Saturday, June 21, 2008

Blogger Hacks

Blogger Hacks

Hacks for Beta Blogger template

The Blogger Beta template is definitely better than the classic Blogger design. Although, it is still far better as compare with the Wordpress blogging template and platform. Anyway, there are still various supporters hacks, including Blogger Digest and widgets! A mass of people in developing Blogger even make great efforts in hacking Beta Blogger xml templates to extend Blogger Beta with advanced and more desirable features.

It is not deniable, that our Blogger Template Weblog has really making use of these hacks to customize the classic and original Blogger Beta template. Do you know one of the most wanting features, that should be built-in but is not currently exists in this Beta verson, is the expandable and collapsible post body!

In addition, Now it have no 3-column CSS templates found. And at this time, not even 1 in the default Beta Blogger templates collection! That's why favour have to do the hacking themselves!

Blogger Hacks Related information:

  • Beautiful and Hackosphere Beta are closed brothers, Ramani at California while Hans at Netherlands. But Both of them are few of the bloggers who start cracking (enhancing) Beta Blogger templates in the earlier stage!
  • Google Adsense in Beta Blogger templates, in between post header and post body, without the need of removing or against TOS.
  • Blogger University is another good sources of tips to customize and beautify Beta Blogger templates.
  • Blogger Templates and Free Blogspot Templates are among of nice sources of classic Blogger templates. Really there will be some templates for Blogger Beta soon.
  • Search more related info with Google Search engine built-in Add the widget to give the star ranking commnet in the beta verson.

The most popular and easy to use blogging site is, by default which provider the Classic Blogger Templates for the peoples. Its easy to handle the CMS system from the Classic Blogger layout with it.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Beta Blogger Templates

This is a really great way to give a new and beautiful look to your blog by changing its template theme and skin with the digital design of Beta at our weblog. so try it right now and adore your blog with a professional look.

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